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11.02.2012 , 03:47 AM | #9
I don't usually post, but this deserves it.

To read a Sentinel complaining about how OP sorc bubble is really gets me sick. Go and roll one, level a sorc up to 50 and try to play without that buble. After 2 WZ you will post here crying about getting 6k force sweeps by the 3-6 sentinels/guardians (never less, who knows why) of the other team and getting instant killed (even with bubble)

Damn sentinels, they are by far the most powerful class in the game and still there are some that come here to cry. Just in case one of the rational sents/maras missunderstand my post, I'm not asking for a nerf to them, just saying that it gets me sick to see how some of them still cry about other classes.

Instead of calling it OP, learn how to play against it, that's what those sorc are doing against YOUR class.

P.S: I also have a jugger a PT and a shadow, 3 melees, and I have no problems dealing with these bubbles. Just if you thought "you don't play a melee and you don't know how it feels being stun half of the WZ"... yes, I know how it feels, but I also have a sorc and I also know how it feels.