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Me and a friend of mine would have loved this feature, and it would increase the importance of your companions which is supposed to be one of the big differences between other MMOs and SWTOR. I would love for a easy mode version of flashpoints that would be doable with companions. the esseles is still my favorite flashpoint for this very reason, because me and a friend can do it together in private.

SWTOR is an MMO and I know you are supposed to play with others, but this game attracts much more solo players because of the story element. And even though they encourage playing with others, it is not what everyone wants. But I don't think that hard modes should be doable with companions, only normal or a new easier version of flashpoints. And I have yet to see any MMO actually give solo players some kind of end game content, it is always raiding and dungeons that are end game. If there was end game content for solo players, more would stay subscribers after their stories are done.
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