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Why exactly did this have to happen? Because it really feels like they may as well just give me a sword now with the god awful range of the vanguard. Seriously what was the logic behind this? It's not like they nerfed it for the comm either, just for Vanguards and powertechs.

If you think I'm joking let me be clear:

I'm not joking about this,

100% serious stuff here.

Someone explain, what the [expletive] happened?
VG's have always been more of a melee range class (kinda weird, imo, being troopers and all ) the assault specialist range nerf was to reinforce that. VG's were simply not meant to be a ranged class, unlike the commando. Also, with all the complaints BW was getting about assaults burst, another factor for it could be to help other ranged classes more easily deal with it. Im pretty sure those are the big two reasons
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