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I'm a new player, been playing about 6 weeks now. I have to agree with this assessment, unfortunately. I came from WoW (which admittely obviously has a large unskilled player base) from a PVP server, and also did ranked arenas.

So basically, I'm a fresh 50 in pretty much recruit gear, and I'm doing more damage than most of my team (I'm playing an imp agent) and oftentimes I'm the only one trying to burn down a healer, or kill the one carrying the huttball.

It's very frustrating, coming to a PVP server I was expecting that there would just be a little more skill. I see that skill, on the Pub side, but that's probably more so that they're premade grouping vs our uncoordinated monkey mess.
see thats the problem alot of people make. PVP server does not mean warzone skill. All a pvp server means is people like to partake in owpvp and ganking. doesn't mean they are skilled in a team environment. Most people who roll pvp servers are actually quite bad. Sure they might be good at owpvp but warzones are a completely different animal.