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That may be, but I've yet to find a Mara/sent that can defeat a good kinetics/dps hybrid. I play watchman and am among the top sents on my server, and none of us can. The bad tank spec/dps gear hybrids sure, but good ones, absolutely not. Bear in mind this is only for assassins/shadows, not vanguards/guardians and their counterparts. There's also only two who use this spec that can always win, the others don't play it to its potential and as such die as well. If you've managed to do what i and the other sentinels on my server couldn't, then please do share.

To the person complaining about 1v1, I have no issue 1v1ing anyone with the one player exception above, does that mean that all other classes are broken? Or is it a "that's because sentinels are overpowered" excuse?

And to that clever little fellow on the previous page, I'm not a tankasin, I'm a watchman.
I enjoy that there's been little response to the refuting of the "Commando is support Dps claim" but random, offtopic rambling over mauraders/sins.

As for the 1 vs 1 comment:

While I have a small personal bias against muaraders/sents, the answer is pretty simple. Mauraders/Sents are a solid class with a wide array of tools, mobility, Cd's, and attacks. If you're beating most other people, we have to assume it's because you're good at your class. Now...

Go roll a Merc, play both Arsenal and Pyro, and come back and tell us you still have no problem with all but one spec. $20 bucks says that won't be the case. What's being observed is players, with multiple geared toons, almost all agree that of their toons, Mercs/commando's fare the worst. We're talking players who tank, heal, ranged dps, and melee dps. If you listen close, you'll even hear things like "Yes, I can do alright on my merc. I can do -better- on..."

Myself, the amount of survivablity and damage I can put out on my BM geared sniper far exceeds my dps Commando. It's not rocket science.