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Nice to see an official post/thread on this issues, here's my information:

1. Tomb of Freedon Nadd.
2. All characters.
3. Crashes every 90-180 minutes. The more loading screens I encounter, the closer my game gets to crashing. However, the game will inevitably crash even when no loading screens beyond the initial one to get into the game are encountered. (Like idling on the Fleet or just levelling on a planet.)
4. The game can crash at any time. Examples: During combat with a pack of mobs, while watching a cutscene/conversation, staring at a loading screen, browsing the GTN.
5. DxDiag:

6. I checked the Event Viewer on Windows XP, but I did not see any entries for SWTOR.exe or anything else related to the game.
7. Whenever a crash occurs, the sound stutters for 2-3 seconds, the screen freezes and *poof*, back to the desktop, no error message, no warnings, nothing.
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