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So what? The Thrawn books were sub-par and mediocre when they are arguably the best continuation of the post ROTJ-EU that has been written so far? Keep in mind I haven't read the X-Wing series yet, they don't have any in stock at my local book store, and tracking them down online is a royal pain in the ***. But really, looks look at the good book series and stand-alones for a moment that happened Post ROTJ.

The Thrawn Trilogy, The Jedi Academy Trilogy (Where Luke has to track down and establish an entirely new Jedi Order from scratch. I could do without Daala, to be honest, but the trilogy was enjoyable), The Hand of Thrawn Duology, Survivor's quest,The Dark Tide Duology (my absolute favorite Yuuzhan Vong book pair), The Edge of Victory Duology, and Star by Star (Arguably one of the saddest moments in the EU when Anakin dies. I cried.)

I haven't included the books past this since I haven't read them yet and I don't want to talk about them without a clear understanding of what they entail or of their writing style. It wouldn't be fair to say that I hated Dark Knight Rises when I haven't even really seen it yet. So I reserve judgement until I can read the books past the points in my list. And I realize that this is MY list, and some people may not agree with me. Hell, they may add Children of the Jedi or Darksaber to their "Must read" list, I'll disagree, but we'll leave it at that.

These books are all on my "Must Read" list, simply because the writing is gripping, the stories are very well thought out and written, and they are actually fun to read. They translate as awesome Post-ROTJ extensions and I don't see any reason to say that they don't deserve to expand on the Universe already established. The whole point of the Expanded Universe is to do exactly what it has been doing: Expand the Universe of Star Wars.

So I guess what I really want to ask is this: Why can we not want stories to continue on after ROTJ ends in the form of books? Why is it so wrong to enjoy what authors have been doing to the Universe we all love and want to learn more about? Personally, the movies didn't expand on anything as far as the Lore goes for me. The most expansion that we, the audience, are shown in the movies and even in the TV series, is the exploration of the Jedi Order and of the Force.

So again I ask: Why can we not enjoy the Post-ROTJ EU, which brings more life to the characters and helps Luke, Han and Leia continue their adventures when the actors could not? Why is it Mediocre? What makes it so horrible?