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Merc/Mando dps is fine. I don't know why you guys are complaining, they're not supposed to be the best. 1v1 class, shadow dps tank hybrids are. (And their imperial equivalent.). There was a merc on my old server who was the best I've seen yet. Everyone hated fighting this guy because he was so good. He didn't complain like a lot of mercs do today, he did the best with his class and took it to its maximum potential. Same with a commando on my current server. He's not the best 1v1er, but if you don't notice that he's targeting you you'll be dead in merely a few seconds. Snipers are similar. Combat/carnage dual weilders are similar. Not the best survivability, not the best duelists, but if they catch you in a group you're going to melt. Many people fail to understand that this is a team oriented game, whether it be ops or pvp. That is the function of this class, team support. The good ones know this and excel because of it. Others expect to be lone wolves them complain when they die. Learn to play as a team and you'll notice that you survive longer than if you were trying to 1v1 someone.
No, just no... Seriously where do you people come up with this stuff... I will attempt to be polite. If a class cannot hold it's own in a 1v1 or at the very least survive and or prolong it's death effectively the class is clearly gimped, useless, crippled and a crutch, you might as well NOT bring the Mando/Merc and instead replace the wasted spot with a viable class that can excel adequately at the designated role.

The people you describe as "competent Mandos/Mercs" are either stubborn or simply chose not to reroll/quit yet they could undeniably do MUCH, MUCH better as another Adv Class. ANY Mando/Merc regardless of skill, experience and or gear will fold under the proper pressure, even if it's just 1v1; I've watched the best, multi gladiator Mandos/Mercs, destroyed by pretty much any other equally skilled class (other multi gladiators that were fortunate enough to not roll the dysfunctional and useless class that are known as Mandos/Mercs) in both 1v1 and Ranked team play. To claim we are support and or if we're not noticed we can destroy someone is just plain ignorant, dumb, awkward and simply has no place in a competitive PvP environment. Healers and Tanks is what this game deems as support, we provide weak heals and nothing else as DPS, that is not support that is a gimped class design with weak heals on the side that is preposterously easy to shut down.

I am willing to bet you don't play a Mando/Merc nor know very much at all about them so please just forget about this thread and hope no one else jumps on your poorly thought out post and ignorant claims. If for some awkward reason you chose to stick around, I have a question for you to answer: If a DPS Spec is not meant to do high DPS nor is meant to be able to hold it's on in a 1v1 then W.T.F is it meant to do? A DPS Mando/Merc has weak off heals, poor CC, little control, and is preposterously susceptible to every snare, root, and CC and interrupt out there, not to mention we don't have the defenses to justify such an atrocious lack of tools, we're slightly less squishy than a Sage/Sorc yet lack an indescribable amount of tools because for some reason Bioware thinks "heavy armor" makes a difference.