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To a certain degree, it is do-able.
In saying that there are a total of 5 pieces that can count to any set bonus, so at best you could only pick up the 2 piece bonus from different sets.

This is actually something I've done for PvE, because I didn't consider the 5% alacrity bonus to be all that useful to a Balance spec sage, I instead opted for the 2 piece PVP set bonus, which is heal you for 0.5% of your health everytime dots do damage.

Basically I PvPd for a while to get the BM helm and gloves (because they clashed with my outfit the least) and then just placed Black Hole mods in them (gives me the 2 piece set bonus without the expertise which is useless for PVE)

In saying that, without a good tank in the group I pose more of a danger to myself, because I do quite respectabe DPS but generate extra threat from self healing. it hasn't been uncommon for me to pull threat from a mediocre tank during a boss fight, But when I've got a tank that knows me and how I'm setup, it makes the healers life that much easier cause they really don't have to worry about me, on several occasions I've pulled myself from the brink of death.
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