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I never said they should make it how I would like it done. Love him or hate him, it should be done how george wants it done, and if hes too old and crotchety it shouldnt get done. Period.

Disney is going to repaint the mona lisa, of course people are up in arms you freaking melvin.
Disney is going to take what Lucas ruined with EP1-3 and possibly bring it back to the original vision Lucas had but lost because of his change of life and thought as we all go through as we get older .

George Lucas = William Shatner (" One is a Creator/Director and the other is a Actor , and both will only be known for what they built or helped build and they both begin with "STAR" )
George Lucas wanted to be known for more than StarWars but didn't realise that a good amount of people would begin to have fantasies of living in his world called "StarWars" . They he began to treat it like something he had to not only protect from other writers and artist , but he would have to protect from its Fan Base .
He created Canons and then belittled the none Movie Canons with stories that kept his Movies in the Light for all too see .

Now he sold the Company Lucasfilms and all that came with it including the creation called "StarWars" ! He no longer has the right to judge or belittle work that others put into this series legally by his own agreement and now further more that his agreement is no longer valid .
If Jim Lee would have been like Lucas ............................... I shutter to the thought of all the good stories I would have missed out on and while I am not a Big Fan of all the Marvel Movies , I am still very happy they are there .

I seen you belittle Marvel in a earlier post , well Marvel has been around 3times longer than StarWars and most of us were not just stuck to StarWars , some of us needed more stories and novels that continued past that of a Selfish creator who refused to allow his own CREATION to grow past him without belittling what kept it alive .

Disney makes movies , while you might not like them they have been around longer than Lucas and have had a impact on more lives than StarWars .I liked Tron , sorry you didn't ! I liked the Pirates Series , sorry you didn't .................well the door is that way ------------------->

Personally I am happy for this transfer of ownership , it will mean a fresh new generation of movies and fans , plus a breathing series that will have fresh new stories and no longer the dreaded G-Canon that called EU trash..........I enjoyed the EU and was very happy that I could enjoy the Comics , Novels , and Games !

George Lucas will always be the Creator of StarWars and to be honest I wish he would have kept it but allowed it to grow under him without his constant input of how EU wasn't important . Some of the writers of EU were better than he was and have brought more to the StarWars Brand that he was , being he was constantly trying to be looked at as a Great Director / Writer / Studio President , that made use of some great ideas that we see in most films of today.

Alot of us know hes more than StarWars , only the crazies cannot look past it .
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