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11.01.2012 , 09:08 PM | #9
So far a couple people have been in favor of improving unload by making it uninterruptable or rooting the target. I think that a mechanic that would work for both merc and commando would be unload/full auto rooting the target instead of slowing it.

A few people have also been in favor of a disengage or some kind of speed up with jet punch. What about just a plain speed boost ability for both classes. It could be negated by rooting and slowing abilities just like the sith assassin speed boost. It could be adrenelin boost for commando and jet assist for merc.

How about a new purely defensive ability? It could be as simple as resetting the shield we already have or an entirely new damage reducing/dodge ability.

Is anyone in favor of a knockdown ability for mercs? Should it be target specific or an AOE? Should it be ranged or melee? I think that mercs need to be more suvivable so it should be a defensive move. Mercs are also very good with AOE abilities so I am in favor of an AOE knockdown. It could be called grenade spread, a few grenades are tossed at the mercs feet and the merc ducks knocking down up to 3 opponents in a 4m radius. Correct me if I am wrong but knockdowns are an interrupt combined with a 1-2 second stun. Since mercs have no gap closer abilities this would limit the offensive potential of the ability. The grenade aspect would also work for a commando.