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I've always enjoyed playing the DPS scoundrel more than any other class because;
1) It is the easiest class for me (by FAR) to get accustomed to and/or learn rotations and know when to pop certain cooldowns, etc.

2) It has great burst DPS (though not as good as some other classes - we've been nerfed previously and our DPS output is probably not as high as other classes anymore

3) It has really good utility for lots of different things in multiple different warzones.

Scoundrel/Operative DPS hasn't been FOTM for a long time, and probably won't ever be again, but it is extremely fun in comparison to all the other classes I've played.

Lastly, I have enormous respect for Kript and Chasity for making the most hated PvP advanced class work for them when noone else seems to be able to pull off DPS Commando/Mercenary (at least on our server).
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