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I would not be surprised if the class stories were combined in some way. It takes a lot of man hours to produce each of the cutscenes we see in the game and I doubt they have a big budget pool to swim around in though I hope f2p goes well. Even if they really streamline their processes and get super efficient with it all, it's still a costly undertaking. I'm not trying to make excuses for them because the way it sounds I probably wouldn't continue with the game if it turns out like this but at least it's understandable from a business reality pov.
That's fine, if they choose to go that route I'll know this isn't the game for me after all, I just want them to say it. For a player like me, BioWare style class stories are literally the only reason to play this game over another MMO, and after a year that content is starting to wear thin. I'm fine with focusing on a 6-week content release schedule for story-less warzones, flashpoints, and operations as long as I know there's more true story coming down the pipeline that isn't as watered-down and homogenized as Makeb sounds like it is going to be.

I just want to know if there's anything for players like me to look forward to.