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I like the companion system. I really think it adds a lot to the game. There are some clunky bits to it: forced recruitments, limited romantic choices, and remarkably unkillable individuals, however, over all, I like what it brings to the story. What I'm curious about is how it's structured, how is it meant to work going forward, and what kind of vision the developers have for it.

I'm guessing since we're getting HK-51, that new companions are in the works. Are new companions only going to be universal companions or will there be class specific ones? Are we meant to just keep adding or do the devs have in mind a way to eliminate some of our crew members? If the game has a long lifespan then our ships could get awfully crowded over time. How do the developers see the composition of our companion crew evolving over time?

Would new companions bring new romance options? Do the developers see the current companions as done in terms of romance options, or are we likely to see romance arcs opening up with current companions in the future both for same and opposite genders? To me, that would make sense, as there are companions who are preoccupied with other matters right up till the end of Act 3, but that's purely speculation.
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