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You want Fusion Missile to be the same epic AOE grenade it is right now but have no cast time and the cost of an Explosive Dart?

I don't see a problem here. Maybe keep the heat generated by the ability at 33 but reducing the activation time to make it an Instant cast ability doesn't seem overpowered to me.

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that new missile blast is absurdly OP
Agreed, It was a bad idea.

My theory with Missile Blast was to make it more like the Frag Grenade ability Imperial Agents get, but that ability does about half the damage to up to 5 targets in an 8 meter range. It also has a 6 second cooldown (3 second if talented)

In order to do this the whole Missile Blast ability would have to be redesigned and just simply doesn't seem necessary.

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I tend to never knock anyone for positive ideas for Merc, our damage isn't the problem. Merc suvivability IS the problem. If missle blast kept its current stats BUT added to Tracer Missle lock, Power barrier and the rail shot thing, then that would be awesome. Its heat means it can't be spammed BUT it means it can be used for kiting to set up for HSM and Rail shot while moving, adding in some much needed mobility without adding damage and making it unbalanced for pve.

Also the Power Barrier idea is great. when we actually plant our feet and pop our CDs we should be able to unload a huge amount of damage so people know it was a bad idea to corner a merc =)
The Power Barrier thing to me seems like the only legit idea.
After reconsideration the entire post seems like a waste of time but I still like my Power Barrier idea.
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