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Alright, here is a question:

In a recent interview, you mentioned you mentioned that the writing direction of the future would be akin to the Avengers, bringing the individual stories together into one epic story. Could you elaborate on what this means for the future? Does this mean that there will be no more Class stories? Will future story updates be designed in a way that multiple classes will overlap and interact in the actual story in some way?

The former question would make me very sad, but the latter would be pretty cool.
Isn't that basically what flash points and ops are? Where 2 emporers hands a few Agent 9 and a few Darths come together to do an avengers Assemble style story. Which ultimately has very very little story and far more generic content. I would also be very sad if future class story turned out to be instanced world story so if you have multiple characters you get to see the same content repeated.

Another question, when are we going to start seeing something to do with the civil war. The game is set in a time of war across the entire galaxy yet so much of the time the story is about killing your own people (for the sith) and dealing with thugs and seperatists for the republic. So when will we see Imperial vs Republic and the war being part of the story.