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11.01.2012 , 06:34 PM | #16
To specify, these questions are for Mr. Hood as he is the Lead Writer and should have a good idea of why these questions are relevant to the content and the people waiting for it.
  • Will any current companions be available for same-gender romance?
  • If so, which?
  • If current companions are made available, will the new romantic content be available to players who have already completed existing story content with their companions without needing to roll a new character?
  • Will same-gender content require and additional purchase, such as a legacy unlock, in-game credit expense or real-world currency through the Cartel shop?
  • Will we ever see same-gender content beyond companion characters as [Flirt] prompts with various world or class story mission NPCs, such as currently exist as opposite-gender options?
  • Will there be same-gender romances available to all classes and all genders?
  • If so, how many?