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Alright, here is a question:

In a recent interview, you mentioned you mentioned that the writing direction of the future would be akin to the Avengers, bringing the individual stories together into one epic story. Could you elaborate on what this means for the future? Does this mean that there will be no more Class stories? Will future story updates be designed in a way that multiple classes will overlap and interact in the actual story in some way?

The former question would make me very sad, but the latter would be pretty cool.
I just listened to that interview and that answer is frightening. I don't want all the classes to culminate into one Avenger's style storyline. I can't think of anything that would make me abandon this game faster. I love the fact that each class has its own storyline. I hate the idea that they would have spent so much time and resources encouraging players to roll so many alts to experience so many new storylines only to pull the rug out from under them. It's already almost impossible to play through the same side quests for the 2nd+ time for each faction just to experience the stories, can you imagine trying to take all 8 classes through the same storyline? BORING. That's why I hate the way Makeb sounds, I hate the implication of what Makeb means for the future of class quests, and I hate the fact that BioWare won't even use the word "class storylines" anymore and that a year has gone by without any mention of continuing the story whatsoever.

How about that question Mr. Lead Writer (who I do believe is talented and means well), will we get new class storylines or has BioWare abandoned them completely, and will you be honest about it and tell us?