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One Question springs to mind having played through a number of different story arcs:

When are choices and decisions made in any of the class/world/flashpoint/operations/PvP/anything going to have an effect on the game world or even the character beyond the two seconds after making the choice and then getting a very basic mail thanking or scorning us.

Now on the most basic level I would have written the story so that if you did all the side quests and all the bonus quests this would play out so you may not have to fight an end boss and it would just move to a cutscene. Take a non game example so as to avoid spoilers, your sith warrior has to invade a republic base. Now you can go up to the front door bash your way in and fight through. Another option is to sneak in, poision the air filtration units, murder the sentries then sneak up on the base commander as they sleep. One is far more juganaut like and one more maurader like but it would have ment the choice mattered.

In the more advanced level saving a captain of a star ship in one of the early flash points would have involved him turning up with a ship to either bombard your enemies or air lift people of the planet. Instead nothing happens, now I appreciate that it can be difficult to decide which play through should be used but then we all have a first play through and when finishing the black talon play through you get a follow on quest from the star port. So its not that hard to run with it.