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Just to answer some points some people have made....

This discussion isn't about whether books are better than films as an art medium. They have different strengths and weaknesses. However when one is adapted from the other, the new art form tends to be weaker. In other words, films of books tend to be inferior to books, and vice versa.

In the case of Star Wars, the reason it was so big was because it did something on the cinema screen that no other movie had done at that time. Audiences were wowed and captured by a new cinematic experience.

The books and spin offs comics that followed were not groundbreaking in any way because they were not produced by a visionary or creative genius the way the films were. They were mediocre books that would not appear on a single 'must read' list, unless you were a star wars fan starved of new star wars material.

The expanded universe is weak because of this. There is nothing unusual or remarkable about it.

I actually agree that the expanded universe is only going to expand as a result of the new films. New films means new spin offs.

But the inspiration, and what captures the imagination about Star Wars is what appears on the cinema screen, no one got into Star Wars from reading the books.