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People just don't get it. Anything that has been published is "canon". It all had to be signed off by the bearded one. So if it has been published, created, played on a console, viewed on Cartoon Central, it is considered canon in the Star Wars Universe. I personally have loved a lot of the books that have come out of the EU. Some of them p***** me off (re: the death of Mara Jade), but on the whole, they have some really talented writers that have written a lot of the books. My favorites were Timothy Zahn's. He was highly perturbed when they killed Mara Jade also. Not what he envisioned for her when he created her character. But on the whole, the EU books have given me over 20 years worth of reading. Some good, some not so good depending on the writer. Oh yeah, and to those who think that books are a lower art form than film making, get an imagination. I get more out of books than I do out of any movie. It is a shame that the younger generation has lost their imaginations. They are all for immediate gratification and what they can get out of a 2 hour movie. It's a shame. Writing is the ultimate art form. It takes a trully creative person to put into writing what they invision for others to read and get substance out of.

Reboot of Star Wars-No. Nail in the coffin of the EU-I don't think so. A new adventure in a galaxy far, far away-waiting with bated breath.