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11.01.2012 , 04:51 PM | #9

Mr. Hood.

I have exactly one question for you.

WHEN is same gender romantic content coming? WHEN are we getting the option to play characters who are not straight? WHEN? WHEN?

Your ancient press releases claim it will be a post launch feature. Your ancient forum posts claimed "next year" meaning 2012, meaning this year, meaning YOU HAVE TWO MONTHS LEFT.

Two months left.

And we have not heard ONE WORD.

All we get is the same runaround from everyone. "Hello yes, we are totally aware of your concerns, we have no new information, now shut up and get back to your gay ghetto thread."

Are we getting same gender content with the Makeb update? Are we getting same gender content with current companions, or are new ones being added?
Are only certain classes getting them? Or what? You have provided absolutely NO information. And here I thought Bioware wasn't a homophobic company. Guess I was wrong.

Every single other Bioware game contains MULTIPLE same gender romances. WHAT is the hold up?

I would dearly like to play the game you wrote, Mr. Hood. I would love to play that Jedi Knight story you are so fond of.

But I can't.

Do you know why?

I don't want to play a male jedi knight. I want to play a female jedi knight. Doc is quite possibly the most boring, sexist male I have ever come across. He talked about my breasts within SEVEN SECONDS of meeting him. So I would like to romance the other option, Kira.
But I can't. Your homophobic company has decided to deny me that for no reason whatsoever.

So. Take this specific example. Is Kira going to be a gay option? Or is a new companion going to be added? I cannot play a Jedi Knight until this question has been answered.

I have not played a smuggler for the same reason. Do you like having all of your stories utterly ignored? No?

The Force made me do it.