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1. The Red Eclipse
2. Derimeth, Splendora, Rosaluxemburg
3. Roughly every two hours - although this varies depending on what I'm doing.
4. The most common trigger is loading a new area - e.g. leaving my ship, exiting/joining a warzone, changing instance, etc. However I've had numerous crashes when not entering a new area including multiple times in warzones and at least once in the middle of a boss fight in an operation. I originally thought it was the area loading that was causing the crashes but I suspect they are just common triggers because they push memory usage for the game up. Once memory usage goes above a certain point (approximately 1.7GB for the main process) the game will crash regardless what I am doing.

Another poster above has suggested this is memory related and I am inclined to agree. If I am very cautious and restart the game every 40 minutes (or as soon as I see RAM usage go above a certain level) then I can seemingly avoid any crashes entirely. That strongly suggests that some condition is building up the longer the game is running.


6. The vast majority of crashes do not put entries in my event viewer but this is the most recent example of one that did. I'd be cautious about saying the below is indicative of anything however since of the 60+ crashes I've had since 1.4 only two or three are in my event viewer log.

7. I can confirm that I am referring exclusively to crashes to desktop (and not other problems like losing connectivity or similar). The game suddenly stops running and I am on my desktop. If I am in the middle of something (e.g. a warzone fight) it's quite common for the sound to "hiccup" or stutter and I know the game will crash in the next 5 seconds. If the crash happens when loading a new area then I'll get no such warning and it's as if I exited the game very quickly (much faster than if I legitimately quit the game by the way). Windows does not report / catch any errors.
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