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I'm interested in how they are going to carry the story of the films on. I always saw them as the rise and fall of anakin skywalker/darth vadar, and with him out of the picture I really don't get what they are going to do for the films.
That does worry me as well and has always made me wonder because Lucas has said he always had ideas for 7-9 long ago. Just makes you realy wonder how it all went together in his head. Did it all just get crunched down so that how it ends in 6 is how it was really supposed to end in 9. But then I saw that interview where he mentions he gave the treatements for 7-9 to Disney and that's what the new films are going to be at least loosely based on. It's just hard to imagine any plot having the weight of 1-6. The best I can think of would be Luke establishing a Jedi Acedemy and some type of internal struggle with it.