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Well, lets hope the new companions are more tougher, because the current ones are too squishy, you technically need to have a specific companion depending on your character's spec for an optimal playthrough, which i personally find as a huge mistake on bioware's part.
Gear+Presence makes my Kira capable of decimating elites, or packs with Strongs solo. Companion toughness is fine, they just need to be kept up to date.

However, I'd love to run with my alts (brought up\down to my level) as companions, though. Naturally, it would be hard to implement AI for all classes and specs, so they could just be given "companion classes", as in "melee DPS, melee tank", etc. while they're with me.
I do look forward to the SGR stuff, it should have been in the game from day 1, but thats just my opinion.
I can agree with that. However, nothing as aggressive as Zhevran\Anders from DA1-2. They were too damn insistent. Unless they implement a "Slap" option to reject them. Hey - it's OK for women to slap men for being too bold in their advances. Why can't men slap men for exactly the same reason? Equal slapping rights for everyone, I say!
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