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A few notes on augment crafting:

Augment schematics drop from critical results on Sliced Tech Parts slicing missions. Lockbox slicing missions will not get you the schematics, nor will slicing resource nodes in the field. All augment schematics acquired this way are Premium (green) quality; to get better schematics requires Reverse Engineering.
The Premium (green) schematic, once learned, requires only Scavenging (for Armstech and Armormech) or Archaeology (for Synthweaving) materials. Premium augments can be reverse-engineered for a chance to learn the Prototype (blue) schematic, which additionally costs Prototype-quality Sliced Tech Parts. By reverse-engineering the Prototype augments, crafters can learn the Artifact (purple) schematic, which requires Artifact-quality Sliced Tech Parts.

Additionally, Sliced Tech Parts of the appropriate grade are needed to craft Mark 5 and 6 augment slots ONLY.

Lastly, Power (rather than Endurance) is the secondary stat on Shield, Absorb, Defense, AND Endurance augments.
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