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Yeah maybe on a stand still, patchwerk style fight. But if you check simcraft for sages, especially hybrid and balance, they aren't massively effected by movement. If you implement "light" or "helter skelter" into simcraft, sages drop by 100-200 dps from simcrafted max.

The logs for Operator IX show that perfectly. The same melee players parsing 1800 for fights like dread guard are parsing 1300 for operator. Whereas i parse almost exactly the same on my sage.
I would classify it as "most fights" where Sentinels and Snipers have a distinct advantage. There are fights where the mechanics mitigate the disparity, but if you look at the parses for all the various fights, you see the same few classes dominating the top parses. And if you just take a sampling of parses from each class, you'll find the disparity there as well. And again, we are talking about the average.

Also worth mentioning that the stats page on Torparse has some serious bugs for TfB and EC that you have to weed out. Some of the top parses are for fights that didn't include a kill. You have to weed those out because a two minute fight is not representative of anything, let alone some of the ones that show up on there that lasted 10 or 20 seconds before a wipe.