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The only piece to complete the full set I need now are the gloves...

I got the chest last week from GTM for around 1 mil credits, boots for 35,000, belt for 19,000, head for 9,000, bracers for 20,000 and the leggings for 13,000.

I guess that some people forgot to add a few zeroes to those!

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That's good to know!

I'm basically missing ONLY the top now

I guess I'll just cross my fingers and hope for a drop from somewhere... or someone posts one on GTN at a not so outrageous price (of 2.5m the other week)
Are you from The Jedi Covenant server?

Because I saw a chest 2 weeks ago in GTM for that same price (2.5 mil) that was posted by someone called Bobesponja. I even PM'ed him to lower his price a bit because I wanted it and he didn't do it.

3 days later I found the one I bought for 1.0 mil from another user!

What I do, basically, is everytime I log off I leave my toons in their respective fleet and near the GTM area, so when I log in I can check it fast and that's how I managed to get all the pieced but the gloves.
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