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11.01.2012 , 11:27 AM | #15
It's not just on the republic side. There are plenty of poor imperial pugs too. Additionally the elitists on our side don't shut up the whole match calling people bads or comments like (this is the worst pug I've ever played )

Regarding the a team comment, my guild groups together but some are full wh half optimized, some are fresh 50. Just depends who's on

Problem with rated is nobody wants to get rolled by a fully practiced and geared team. There's lots of people including myself who would love to do more rated, but if more "mortals" did them it might not be so bad.

Finding a group of 8 who are willing to log in every night and get pummeled just doesn't happen. I wish we could get more people who are not necessarily full wh to do rateds, maybe if that happened the people less geared may run into less drastic imbalance in the regulars.