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People just have to get over the whole THIS IS CANNON! thing. The only person that can establish cannon is the current person/people in charge. There is a good chance that they will take things they like that already exist in the EU and mesh them in with the things they want to create.
Bingo. There may very well be elements that were already introduced in the EU, they just won't follow the same stories that have been established.

It just boggles my mind how some people act as though the Star Wars universe is real and everything has to be exactly as it has been written. It is a fictional world and that leaves room for multiple adaptations and viewpoints. That's what makes it fun. Sort of like how some people say Boba died in the saarlac and some say Boba escaped the saarlac... both are correct!

I wish people would just accept all of this for what it is: good entertainment. No need to argue over such things.
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