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This is an AMAZING video hahaha, great job !

I as well am currently in the recruitment phase and have been in it for a small 2 weeks now. I came across Pax in this post and I was sold, so I went to the forum and signed up. The first thing I noticed was that everyone on the forum was friendly and joking around, it's a great group of mature people and not just their characters. So far I've attended the Pax Server-wide PVP event, which was a big PVP event with a 3v3 tournament and it was amazing to see how the whole guild got together to cheer and learn from the PVP battles. It shows that the guild is a whole and everyone helps each other and supports each other.
I also attended the Pax Halloween event last night which was a costume contest with 3 categories and after that a whole trick or treat contest where you could win some amazing prices. I've been in guilds before but never have I seen this dedication to organize events before.. from PVP, PVE all the way to creative role playing or fun events - Pax seems to have it all.

Everyone is also very helpful so far, myself I'm not that big on PVP. I mainly PVE but I was always pretty interested in learning it and even after less than 2 weeks I have people in Pax who want to show me how to become a better PVP player. Joining Pax has increased my interest in SWTOR even more since you're part of a fun and active community where people actually help each other and joke around.

I recommend Pax !

.... Ok can you now please release my family guys?
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