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11.01.2012 , 08:48 AM | #17
I think everyone here is missing the big picture here. and to the person who said reboots are scum of the earth. Han solo was scum so was boba fett. jaba the hutt. all scum. so in that way yeah they are great. transformers great. Star trek great. casino royal, the amazing spiderman about a billion times better then spiderman 1 thru 3. 21 jump street.

All that is besides the point. What everyone is missing. is we get brand new star wars. brand new. not something that we have seen or read about before but something we get to see for the first time a new story line. we knew how revenge of the sith was going to end. which is why we were not surprised i bet if he mad ethem in order we would have **** ourselves when anikin turned evil.

but now we get to go past jedi. finally. with a movie and story no one on earth knows whats going to happen. its where no man has gone before all over again. get excisted get ****in pumped. just thinking about it makes me want to go pay 2000 dollars of my hard earned money for authentic jedi wear i dont know why dont ask questions but it does. be happy, cause as far as fans go, star wars fans are the most deprived out of all fans and they ***** the most. and we have just been told. we are getting our fix. a fix big enough to od on in the bathroom with doors locked and big ****in smiles on our faces.