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It seems Disney intends to take forward Episode 7 with a new storyline. I think this is good news, there will be less of a feeling that a dead horse is being flogged, and hopefully not too many geriatric ex- star wars actors turning up.

Although I can see Mark Hamill coming back as the new Obi Wan Kenobi role.

What is also good news, is that the ridiculous post ROTJ books will not be made into films. Star Wars is the films, for better or for worse, and devaluing the product to make more money by releasing all these books and comics, is a sad reality of the modern world. We don't need to compound this by turning them into films.

The franchise needs a proper reboot, like they achieved with Star Trek, not re-animating second class literature.
Wrong on two levels. One the most recent interview I've seen suggest the next trilogy will be at least somewhat based on Lucas' original treatments of episode 7-9. It will not be a reboot.

Secondly you aren't going to find many in agreement that the EU is some bastardization of the Star Wars universe. Not even Lucas himself I would suspect. Isn't really anything that is not the movies essentially EU including this very website you are posting on devoted to a game in the universe that is not the movies? What it seems you are saying is no other stories in this universe in any other media format should have ever existed. Why, few are going to understand. Even Lucas himself. We all know how controlling he is over the Star Wars universe, but if he had not intended for anyone else to be able to expand upon his creation the EU would indeed not exist and nothing at all outside of the movies would exist.