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are you specced for tanking or DPS? using the proper stance for your spec? you're using all your defensive cds, right? interrupting when needed? killing the weakest mobs in a group first? got stims and/or adrenals? use medpacs? do all quests on a planet to guarantee that you'll be at the very least 2-3 levels higher than the next planet's minimum required level? it's not about being lucky. it's about making use of all your resources, and putting your gameplay knowledge into practice.

as far as gearing up goes, if you refuse to craft your own gear, then run flashpoints in your level range. they drop great gear. you can get to level 50 without paying a cent for new gear. the only time i use the GTN to buy gear is to get certain cosmetic looks.
Admittedly sometimes, i miss an interrupt, but i am not on about that and when you say 'do you take out the weak ones first?' sorry, but i tried following that suggestion awhile ago and my companion dies in 2 seconds, while i take out the weaker ones, which leaves me against the strong or the elite and they just out right rip me to pieces.

when it comes to crafting, i just HATE it, it just feels like a waste of time, i need to spend hours getting the greens to blues and then they get replaced in 5 levels or so.....such a waste, i don't do crafting to sell, i am not into all that crafting and selling, never see the point.

Right now, i really do not see myself getting into the operations or HM phase of the endgame.....i guess i might as well accept that, but it doesn't change the fact that, unless you use the healer companion from a certain point (level 30-35) you will get more and more downtime, or worse....death.

When i got Doc, i was like meh......i kept using Kira, loved her personally and attitude, but the combat so stupidly difficult, Kira was dying in 3 seconds against a strong, then i died shortly after when the strong joined in, switched over to Doc, never had any more problems, which caused me to lose out on romancing Kira.......such a pity.

Bioware need to sort it out or just remove them all together, because i just feel like alot of the cool companions are wasted, because they can't heal you.

I got problems again, when i got to level 50, trying to do the dailies, got as much of the best mods via the GTN (which is very difficult since crafters just don't craft at all, even the ones that love it) and they tend to be quite overpriced, but hey most crafters are greedy anyway, but sadly, i keep getting slaughtered by a group of 3 normals and a strong.

I go by everyones' advice and take out the weak ones first, i die......i take out the strong first, the normals kill me....either way i i might as well just enjoy the storylines and just move on to other games..