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11.01.2012 , 07:53 AM | #6
I have both scavenging and archeology (on two characters). The primary difference between thermoplast flux and cortosis substrates is that the flux is a grade 5 material and the substrates are a grade 6.

Grade 6 archeology only has five missions: abundant power crystals, abundant color crystals, abundant artifact fragments, moderate power crystals and moderate cortosis substrates. Therefore every 25-30 minutes you can send out a companion for substrates.

On the other hand, while there is a moderate, abundant, and bountiful mission for thermoplast flux there are a lot more grade 5 scavenging missions so you could go several rounds without any flux mission at all. Further, with that bountiful mission available how many players really do the abundant let alone the moderate - unless they are desperate for materials? I know I wait for the bountiful.

Personally, I would rather have the consistency of the substrates mission.