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I will detail the Jedi Council here, there are 4 Councils which are the following:
Jedi High Council: comprised of 12 Jedi Masters who guide the Order and advice the Office of the Supreme Chancellor. 5 members where permanent, 4 members where long-term and 2 members where limited-term
Council of First Knowledge:comprised of 5 members of which 1was permanent, the Caretaker of First Knowledge, they oversee the Jedi Academy's and the proliferation of knowledge and the storage in the Jedi Archives
Council of Reconciliation: comprised of 5 members of which 2 where permanent, they worked closely with the Republic Diplomatic Corps and sought peaceful solutions to political debates that arose between different parties or different local governments. they would also pass judgement over Jedi accused of falling for the Dark-side or having committed crimes.
Council of Reassignment: comprised 5 members of which 2 where permanent. Any Jedi Initiate who failed there Jedi Initiate Trail or where not chosen as Padawan where assigned by them to the Jedi Service Corps wich they oversee