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Cortosis is moderate yield only, but honestly, I'm not sure it's a bad thing.

The moderate yield gets you 10 substrates, and a critical success nets you 20--wayyy more than the Upari crystals that you also need. Basically, you have to run 2 upari missions to get, on average, 6 and 4 crystals (there's usually an abundant and a moderate yield for it), whereas 1 cortosis mission nets you the same amounts (or quite a lot more on crits).

While I understand that not everyone has 3 minutes to log in and out, 5-6 times per day, that's basically all that's needed to have 14 slotted gear pieces in 3 days. You can really get this stuff in very little time; a week at *most*. Wanting to have a fully augmented set of gear immediately is...well, that's not earning anything.

Point is, I used to think the same thing as OP, until I started to actually try making more kits. It happened mostly because I didn't realize that I'd gathered quite a lot of Upari crystals, and no cortosis (makes sense--it's not gatherable at resource nodes). So, I kept running out, and every time I checked the crew skill missions, there were lots of Upari that I didn't need, and only the one cortosis.

My only recommendation to OP is...make more! Seriously. In time, you'll find that it's actually the Upari that sometimes gets too low (if you have a string of no-crits). I've crafted hundreds of these kits; it's not broken, I promise.
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