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While I do not condone rage quitting, as a tank I do get pretty much instant ques so I don't have a lot of motivation to .
So instead of punishing the person guilty by kicking the healer, you punish the entire group? You do know the healer is the only one within the group responsible for healing the tank right? Kick the healer if they donít heal, but you may want to find out first why they are not healing. I am also sure you understand in some instances like Kaon that the healer can get stun locked making it impossible for them to heal you and it is dps and your responsibility to get the lock off the healer. The healer can escape it once, but when the tank has aggroed everything in creations they just get locked up again and it takes help to get out before the cooldown is up again.

Got in a group last night, Koan, and the tank hadnít been there was bare minimum or below gear and refuse to ask for help. Kept saying he had been there, but it had been awhile when dps asked if he needed help. Got to the turrets and the tank never got on the turret, so we died, one dps quit followed by the tank. No harsh word were exchanged, no blame was assigned. Q for about 3 mins and got new dps and tank, finished with no problems. Before the tank left though, neither the tank or the dps worried about the healer in stun lock constantly.

FYI: Healers can have instant queues too if they go at the right time. If I go as soon as I get home on my healer, then it is instant. On my dps that I do with a guild tank, they are usually instant, but have taken 5 to 10 mins at times. The only way I know to get a true instant queue it to hit group finder with a tank and healer. Which we do on weekends.