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11.01.2012 , 06:29 AM | #7
Any expanded universe is standing on the shoulders of someone visionary. Whatever else George Lucas has done wrong, he realised a universe onto the cinema screen in a way no one had ever done before and it connected with audiences unlike any fantasy/sci-fi film before.

There are few visionaries in the world. It's easy to write a generic story from another's work, and the expanded universe has nothing unique or special about it.

If Disney go safe and create a one dimensional repetition of the original films, it will be another cashcow reboot. However, if they get someone unique and talented to write and direct the films, the reboot can breath new life into the Star Wars franchise. No novel or comic written by a competent but unimaginitive writer can do that.

A reboot in itself is not a terrible concept. How it is handled is what matters.