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11.01.2012 , 12:53 AM | #22
See now everyone is saying its the high level ranom planet drops... Now obv the games been nerfed changed/updated and some loot drops changed (more chance to drop for class, yet ive noticed no difference, done foundy 26 times both solo and with another BH and not a single foundry BH chest drop), but back in Febuary I picked up the Vendetta chest, wrists and head piece from randoms on Nar Shaddaa, I got the legs from Hoth, and the boots from Taris.
So again whether its harder now due to all the game changes I dunno. Personally myself I just think its down to luck but obv the higher level planets would be more of a help. Some people could be farming for months on end (like I did with Supreme Inquisitors Robe, and after 2 and half months it dropped, for myfriend he was lucky and got it on first try) but I know there no specific place on record/TORhead but one of my guildies has picked up the chest and legs from the champion on Ilum in the "Defend The Shipment" Daily on the far back wall under an ice rock arch
player co-ords "Player (X,Y): 119.101" Salvage Foreman Tha'ross, all TORhead has on him loot wise is a level 45 ear piece.. But ive picked up level 50 blasters and other orange modables with the odd purple every now and then