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I am a noob, this being my first MMO. I am fairly casual and have played both rep and imp, and am yet to get a character to 50 (have a 45 sorc on advice it was an easy class to pvp with as a noob).

I mostly PUG - my only gaming friends play WOW, sigh - and I have a few noobie observations.

1. I am trying to learn to be a better pvper - hot keying, mouse turning, etc. I have warzone objectives all down pat, and try different strategies, but sometimes opponents and allies are much better than me. They deal with this in one of two ways - offer advice and support or sook up like a 5 year old who is about to lose at marbles.

2. There is a huge variety of skill levels out there and in PUGs you can be lucky or unlucky in who you are grouped with and who you face. Even in PUGs on imp side I om the winning side with enough regularity to make it fun.

3. ITS A GAME DUDES. Enjoy it, give people time to learn how to get better. If it is growing there will always be people learning and different skill levels, on you team and on your opponents. Give them support (if they're your teammate), not abuse. Encourage them to play more pvp to get better, not less. And if they are on the other team, kill them and win and teach them that way.

By the way, I agree that there is more negativity on the imp side, but there is too much of it on both.

We're all noobs at everything at the start.
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