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10.31.2012 , 06:19 PM | #69
Woot, glad to hear something is in the works, even if it takes the next 3 months.

So far I've been hearing good ideas from most of the thread. As both a Merc and Commando player (and having played all 3 specs) I agree almost completely with a mix of most changes proposed. I'll high light a few.

1.) Jetpack Disengage/Grav Retreat: Something to move us back 10-15 meters after a Lol-jumper bounces on us. On a side thought, perhaps an interceed ability like a Guardian. Would give us mobility, an escape, and something to bring to team in Huttball. Atm, the only worse carrier for a huttball is maybe a sniper... and they get leap immunity!

2.) Unintteruptable Unload: Idc if procc'ed or unprocc'ed, plenty of classes already have an unitteruptable channel. If other classes must intterupt something, save it for our off-heals, grav round, or plasma grenade.

3. Instant Powershot. I'd put this in the Pyro/Assault spec, it's the only spec that really needs it. Atm it's better to just hammer shot then it is to powershot.

4. Get rid of our crappy self heal and give us some utility/defensive CD. Gravity Field/Flame Defense that makes us immune to jumps and pulls for 5 seconds, on a decent CD? (60-90 seconds), Maybe Coordination/Light'em-Up! That gives the team a damage boost? Something to make teams want a Commando/Merc.

5. That root in the arsenel/gunnery tree needs to go. Put it as a KB, or a slow (Leg break maybe?) or add something new in entirely. (Perhaps a 50% chance to refresh the disengage/escape skill?)

Of course not all of these, whatever the dev's feel best. I don't want the Merc up in the Fotm category, just... useful.