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That would be good. See you later then. He stood up and yelled to some of the other Rakata. He spoke to them in rakata for a bit.
Zero left, going to their room, and seeing mean sitting in a chair "You ok?"

"What do you think?"

I think you are lettng these people get to you too much, just give it some time...."

"Stop telling me what to do!" he snaped

"I wasen't...." her watch went off, and she injected him "There, that should be the last injection you need. coming to bed?"

"No. I need some air. don't wait up for me." mean walked out of the room. the words the iliusion of his father had affected him more then he cared to admit.

"She has you tamed, doesen't she? you really are a dog!"

Was it true? was zero slowly turning him into something he was not? mean was finding it hard to say no. Mean started wandering the base at random, trying his best to get his mind off of the burning qustions he now had about his relatonship with zero