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Wait, sorry if this is stupid but doesnt this mean that you need to have slicing to use augments without GTN?
Anyone can use augments. It requires Slicing to "Discover" a schematic for free. Schematics are just another possible item obtained from slicing nodes and crew missions. Slicing missions can return a schematic for any crew skill, while other gathering mission types will return a schematic appropriate to the skill, i.e. treasure hunting will return an Artifice schematic and Scavenging will return a schematic for Armstech, Armormech, or Cybertech since those are the crafting skills relating to that particular gathering skill.
I thought that slicing was best with cybertech though, and apparantly you can only use augments with armortech, armstech, and synthweaving.
Slicing is a general crew skill that returns, among other things, schematics usable by any one of the crafting disciplines. Schematics for augments, and the material specific to blue and purple grade, can only be obtained via Slicing. Armormech, Armstech, and Synthweavers are the only crafters that can make augments and augment slot kits. The Slicing wiki page can be found here.
So now i have to create an alt and give it armor/arms/synth so i can make augment slots on my items? But that cant work because all my items that i wanna augment are BOP so i cant mail them to my alt.
Im confused, so to get augments on my items i would have needed to pick armortech and slicing? Does that mean since im cybertech i cant use augments and all the schematics i have from slicing are for nothing?
If this is just me being stupid and overreacting because i misunderstood sorry for wasting your time.
Yes, you may be overreacting due to a misunderstanding, but we've all done it at some time or other. I make augments and augment slot kits for my guild. Once an augment or slot kit is made, it is available for sale or trade and all are Bind on Equip (BoE).
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