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Quote: Originally Posted by Essence_of_Light View Post
BW: "We have plans for the future that should give Mercenaries and Commandos better escapes in PvP."
*5-7 months later*
BW: "Dear loyal fans, only 1 more month till the adjustments for Mercs and Commandos come out!"
Me: You serious? -_-
Yeah.. would be nice to have some sort of timetable. Is the soon actually soon, or is it a Blizzard type of soon? Any type of details would be nice. Hopefully a Dev actually conjures up the ambition to parse a couple of the merc threads on this forum, like this one, for good ideas to fix the class.

As someone else said already, help us to help you. As far as PvP goes, the best PvP'rs in this game know how to play it better than the Devs do, and they know how to make it better also.
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