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Four things that would be great additions to the Mercs/Commandos without going too crazy and changing too much of the overall class design:

1. Have Rocket Punch/Stockstrike have a combination of the older and the newer versions. Knockback 4-5m plus a root. Not automatic from the ability Rocket Punch, still in the same spot in the Arsenal tree.

2. Make Pinning Fire/Cover Fire talent effect part of the Unload/Full Auto ability (only for Mercs/Commandos) but not such a high slow percentage. Like the Force Lightning/Telekinetic Throw "Also slows the movement speed of the target by 50% and immobilizes weak and standard enemies." By bringing that effect from part of the talent tree to part of Unload/Full Auto change Pinning Fire/Cover Fire to "Unload/Full Auto have a 50%[100%] chance to root the target for the duration of the ability."

3. Have Energy Shield/Reactive Shield make you uninterruptible (Power Shield/Combat Shieldl) for the duration for the Mercs/Commandos only.

4. Electro Dart/Cryo Grenade need to go back to 30m for Mercs/Commandos only.

I believe this would be just about enough to buff the Mercs/Commandos without making them OP and changing the class too much. The class has the damage, just needs to be able to cast it and ways to create the gap they need from enemies. I thought about extra speed like the Consulars/Inquisitors Force Speed, but that changes the class too much and gets away from the original class design. It's better for the Mercs/Commandos to affect the speed of the targets through slows/roots instead.
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