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If Marauders/Sent can have all 3 of their trees viable in PvP, then the other ACs should have all of their trees viable as well.

Quote: Originally Posted by Dovahbrah View Post
Focus was still viable before the buff, the buff just made it moron-proof. The spec is almost as easy as pyro PT now.

All I'm saying is, if one class can have 3 viable trees, then either BW needs to nerf the one class or buff all the others, as it's not fair otherwise. I could argue that VG/PT and Guardian/Jugg have 3 viable trees as well, but not to the level of marauders/sents.
Yes. I could argue that Carnage is still squishy and that Rage is idiot proof. Yes we get it, Marauders have huge epeens. Next?
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