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Chapter 4

Vette raced into the medical bay and looked at Pierce. He was lying there, one eye cracked halfway open–as wide as it could get.
“What?” she asked.
“I need a water.”
Vette groaned, walked over to the crate that contained the ship’s water supply, and returned to the injured Pierce.
“Here,” she muttered.
“Thanks.” Pierce downed the bottle in one gulp.
Vette took the empty bottle and returned to the main hold. Methic and Quinn were away at a Dark Council meeting, and Jaesa was at her monthly meeting with Nomen Karr.
Methic had allowed Jaesa to meet with her former Jedi Master once every three months, but only on the grounds that Jaesa had a guard–Broonmark, this time–and that any Jedi with Karr could not try to get Jaesa back to the Order, and that Jaesa would not try to glorify Methic.
So Vette was alone to baby-sit Pierce. This was the third time today Pierce had called for water, and Vette didn’t like where that was going.
“Vette!” called Pierce.
Vette groaned and returned to the medbay, where Pierce had a dour expression on his face.
“I can’t reach the HoloNet remote.”
Vette walked over to a nearby stand and tossed the remote to Pierce. The man thankfully pawed the device and flipped on the ‘Net.
Vette left the medbay, flopped down on the couch, and fell fast asleep.

“Methic!” cried Pierce.
Methic had just entered the Fury, and Pierce must have heard the airlock open. Methic and Quinn raced to the medbay, where Pierce was convulsing in the bed.
“What’s wrong?” Quinn exclaimed.
He ran over to check Pierce’s monitors. Since Methic’s threat, Quinn had taken Pierce’s life as seriously as his own.
“I have to relieve myself!” Pierce yelled.
Methic helped Pierce stand and walked to the refresher, trying to hide a smile. Vette was asleep on the couch, so she had likely not heard Pierce’s agonized calls. It was the wonder the man had lasted as long as he had.

Though Pierce could now walk around the ship with minimal pain, he felt as if he would die of boredom. However, he was not in too much a hurry to return to battle, not in his condition.
Watch out, you stupid Mandie, he thought. You did this to me and you should pay.
Pierce paced in boredom through the main hold. Quinn and Methic were flying the ship, Vette was in the engine room as always, and Jaesa and Broonmark had not yet returned from their meeting with Karr.
Pierce sat down at the dejarik board and started the game he’d last been playing–before his injury. He winced at the board. He’d been doing badly.
Quickly playing two moves, he defeated a Mantellian savrip and a gundark using his pair of kintan striders. He smiled as a k’lor’slug moved at his wampa and cut it off with a manka cat.
“Too easy,” he muttered. “Nothing fun to do when I can’t blow things up.”