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Oh no no no no no you didn't just bring "30m" into this! Don't ruin your credibility so early man. That's laughable and not even worth explaining. If you don't already understand the problem then get out and pvp a little more.

No sorry. I-win button is called 6k AE SMASH! Merc have pretty sub-par burst (whish is just one of their many problems which need fixing). Zach is right. As long as bioware acts like smash specs are ok, then they are the standard. And if someone can leap into a pack of guys and autocrit for multiple targets for 6k every 11 seconds when I have trouble getting 5k on a single target we have a problem.
If you don't understand how range can be used to any ranged class's advantage (though, admittedly, mercs are the worst at this), then you're bad and no change that can be made will make you not bad.