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Well here is a prologue:


"Ow, my head," Said Khatria, a pirate who had recently had her memory wiped by the Dark Council member Darth Jadus.

"Hi there, feeling better?" Jadus asked.

"Who are you?" Khatria asked, "And where are we?"

"I am Darth Jadus," he said, "And this is Hoth."

"That would explain why it is so cold," Khatria said.

The two spoke for a bit, and Jadus used the fact that she could not remember anything to fill her head with lies that she was born into the empire and that her closest friend was captured by the republic when they attacked an out of the way colony world.

Khatria looked confused and asked, "What do I do now?"

Jadus answered, "I have seen your skills as a slicer and the empire would be pleased if you brought those skills to imperial intelligence, our intelligence gathering/spy organization, to avenge your friend."

"Okay, to get back at the republic for taking Kai-lynne from me," Khatria answered.

Something however in the back of her mind kept telling her that something was wrong. She ignored it.

Prologue End

so what do you think? Kai-lynne is the name of my trooper, so this will also be a bit of Agent/Trooper F/F romance-y story with mystery and action.
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